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Design elevates
content to its greatest form,
making users smile.

It doesn’t matter how great your content or how useful your service is. Bad design pushes users away.

When it comes to visual design, ATTCK sees the big picture, but we also focus on the smallest details, from an icon’s hand-drawn illustration to the elegant curves of an ampersand. We offer expertise in both development and marketing, fully integrating your project’s technical and design goals. When we strategize with our clients, we know how to convey the idea behind a design—how it make it speak to the right people, and how to make it user-friendly.

Our philosophy is that we concern ourselves with the details so users don’t have to. Great design needn’t draw attention to itself. We’ve all seen websites that were apparently built to gratify their makers. We believe in gratifying consumers. Busy doesn’t mean smart.

Design trends and gimmicks are fine—used sparingly. Ultimately, everything must come to the service of the user. Our end goal is nothing less than a beautiful, seamless experience—one that keeps users coming back for more.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the personality of a company—how it appears and how it speaks. It should be as versatile as it is timeless, easily adapting to suit a company’s goals. No easy feat. We conduct extensive research to determine everything from a brand’s typeface to its tone. Learn more about our approach to brand identity.

Logo Design

If brand identity is the personality of a company, a logo is its face. The more memorable the logo, the more effective and efficient the company’s advertising and messaging. A great logo should be timeless. We believe that one measure of a logo is how long it lasts. Trends come and go, but great design endures.

Graphic Design

Our illustrations are handcrafted works of art. This personalized approach can be seen in everything from icons to heroes to micro-animations. Sometimes decorative, often subtle, always thoughtful—we endearingly refer to these details as our “wink.” They’re delightful additions that enrich our projects with a unique personality, and they’re a defining characteristic of every project we take on. See more of our graphic design work.

a grid of diagonally ordered screenshots of a mobile website

Interaction Design

Interaction design is concerned with moments of use—namely those that create a two-way connection between the system and the user. Anything you can click, drag, swipe, press, or tap falls under the domain of interaction design. At their best, interactions feel like an extension of the user, doing just what they want and never getting in the way. Read more about interaction design.


Motion moves us, and everyone has an instinctive sense of what makes certain movements attractive. Done right, animation can set your site apart and markedly improve your users’ experience. As with everything we put our mark on, animations and transitions are seldom designed for decoration alone. For every pixel we move, you can expect to see a story unfold. See more of our animation work.

Style Guides

A style guide serves as a blueprint for developers. Design specifications such as spacing, font size, color palette, pixel density, etc., are documented for each device and screen size. Style guides also provide a common language for designers and developers as each project progresses, enabling optimal communication with clients. See some examples of style guides.