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Beauty is in the eye of the builder

Mathematics Jewelry by Beth Macri is anything but your ordinary jewelry company. By bridging math and design, the creative director and founder leverages her background as a structural engineer to disrupt the world of fine jewelry.

We were tapped to build the most important and interactive page on the website: the custom builder experience—a socially integrated, digital DIY (design-it-yourself) experience.

Plan of ATTCK

We wanted the customization experience to be seamless—empowering every personal designer—and also highly shareable. First, we enabled customers to use the builder on every conceivable phone, tablet, and screen size. Users can quickly cycle through various viewing angles, which was important due to the signature design element of the product. We also ensured that when the customer was done building, they’d be able to preview a photo-realistic image of their work that could be shared across all social media platforms.

Mathematics Jewelry by Beth Macri gif animation by ATTCK
Mathematics Jewelry by Beth Macri on mobile devices. ATTCK
Mathematics Customized necklace builder developed by ATTCK

Customized necklace builder

After discussing business strategy and post-launch marketing with the client, we proposed a real-time render generation feature for e-shoppers to share their personalized creations on the web. This system leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is integrated seamlessly with Shopify, so Mathematics can effectively manage availability and pricing.

Multi-angle function

The single most distinctive feature of the product is the discreetly hidden message. Before we began designing the builder, we knew that allowing shoppers to preview various perspectives was critical, allowing them to fully engage with their design.

Mathematics Multi angle function
Mathematics feature. Developed by ATTCK
Mathematics by Beth Macri seen on multi devices. Developed by ATTCK

Extreme responsiveness

The greatest technical achievement was building the site to be visually adaptive, so that all of the intricate customization choices and controls would work impeccably from iPhone 5 to iPhone X, as well as on iPads, Androids, and literally every other screen size. We painstakingly fine-tuned the customer experience to a multitude of devices and web browsers for high-quality consistency and performance.

We are very happy with everything! Your team has put in a tremendous effort to create such a beautiful product that is so critical to our business.

Beth Macri
Founder, Mathematics by Beth Macri

A shining example of customization

Extremely functional and beautifully engaging, this viewer-friendly digital experience is one of the most customizable and flexible pieces of software we’ve had the pleasure of building. We’re proud to have played an instrumental role in making personalized fine jewelry a joy to create.

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