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The Programming Language You Can Use Everywhere

Mike Cavaliere • May 24, 2018

One of the top questions I get asked by people looking to learn to code is “Where do I start??” There are dozens upon dozens of programming languages to choose from. On top of that, there are frameworks for each of those. And tools, plugins, and add-ons for each that number in the hundreds. It seems every day there’s something new, so for a rookie, the options can be overwhelming.

It’s easy to get analysis paralysis in this situation. So stop thinking about it.

Just learn JavaScript.

You will not regret it. Here are a half-dozen reasons why.

JavaScript is Versatile

JavaScript is the Swiss Army knife of programming. You already know you can use it to build website interactivity—that’s no secret. Did you know you can use it to build mobile apps as well? Or program robots?

Here are a bunch of different tools that use JavaScript in completely different ways. I guarantee there’s something for you in there.

Animation (2-D/3-D)

Back-End Web Development


Documents & Spreadsheets

Dynamic Web Apps

Mobile Apps

Robotics / Electronics / Internet of Things

Web APIs

Windows / Mac Desktop Apps

Tons of High-Paying Jobs

If you decide to get a job as a developer, guess what—JavaScript can get you there, and get you paid in full.

Everybody wants developers who know JavaScript. Most job descriptions for web developers of any kind have JavaScript listed on there.

But hey, don’t believe me. Look at some stats, or do a quick Google search for “JavaScript Jobs 2018”:

Insanely Popular

JavaScript routinely ends up in the top five programming languages in terms of popularity. On just about every study I see, JavaScript ranks way high up there.

Every web developer out there knows it in some capacity—front-end developers, back-end developers, mobile developers. It’s become a must-have on every technical résumé.

Mo’ links:

Easy to Get Started

If you need a tutorial, there are insane amounts of free ones on the web. Google “javascript tutorial” and go crazy.

It’s taught everywhere as well. Lynda.com and a multitude of other sites offer paid video tutorials. Schools teach it. Individuals teach it. We teach it here at ATTCK. But you don’t even need a teacher to get started.

In fact, you don’t need a single thing to begin learning the basics of JavaScript. Open up codepen.io or the Chrome Debugger Console and start playing around. Pretty soon you’ll be hungry for more.

Huge Community

JavaScript is coded by millions of developers worldwide, in some form or another. Every city has free Meetup events where you can meet peers, mentors, and others looking to learn just like you.
In NYC alone there are meetups dedicated to all things JS: React, AngularJS, Node.js, jQuery, and so on.

JavaScript is Fun!

A lot of people enjoy the craft of building things with JS—visual things in the browser are beautiful and engaging. There’s a low turnaround time—you don’t need to compile anything, so you see the fruits of your labor pretty quickly compared to other languages.
Plus look at some of the cool stuff you can create with it. It’s impossible not to be proud of creating something like any of those.

Let’s Get Coding

Now that you know all the things JavaScript can do, what are you waiting for? Read a tutorial and start coding. Or reach out to us with questions.

But whatever you do—start getting some practice and start making something cool.