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Brand identity is the personality of a company—how it appears and how it speaks. Encompassing everything from typeface to tone, a brand’s identity should be as versatile as it is timeless, easily adapting to suit our clients’ goals. 

We approach brand identity much like a doctor examining a patient’s symptoms. First, we listen to the client’s concerns. What would they like to see, and what would they like to change? What’s hindering their users’ experience? 

We ask targeted questions, arrive at a diagnosis, and prescribe the best solution.
What does it take to craft a winning brand identity? Research, to start. What are our client’s unique features and strengths? What’s their origin story, their reason for being? 

Competitors must also be kept in mind. What’s the state of the market? How can we ensure that our client stands out? What’s their target audience, and how can their brand attract users and gain their trust? 

Each of these factors affects each of our decision-making. Effective brand design takes nothing less.

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