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Type, photos, illustration, layout. These are the tools in a graphic designer’s aesthetic arsenal, helping them craft creative compositions.

What’s the difference between graphic design and art? In short, the artist answers to art. The graphic designer answers to the client.
Graphic design solves a problem, whether it’s communicating a brand’s identity or simply capturing the viewer’s attention.

It’s essential for the graphic designer to understand the needs of both the client and the end user—and to balance the two. Creative ambitions, business objectives, and the bottom line must all be considered. The result might not be “art,” per se. Call it graphic greatness.

Designed for Nucrew

We designed a bespoke set of graphics and icons for Nucrew, an on-demand mobile web app that connects brands, agencies, and networks with filmmakers and production talent. In order to present a clean, modern, and fun image of the brand, we opted for a simplified single-line style. Our high-resolution vector graphics were used across a variety of implementations, including background wallpapers and textures, as well as in-app informational components.

We call it the “wink” 😉

Custom graphics, iconography, and animation represent the attention to detail that elevates our client’s digital experience to a more sophisticated level.

Designed for NRG ESPORTS
Designed for Lumma
Designed for Plow Now

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