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Bespoke tasked us with rejuvenating their digital brand and optimizing their patient registration workflow. We designed an elegant experience to match their new high-end office space, and we armed them with new front-office functionality through a new patient registration form.

We also provided art direction on the photo shoot, for which Bespoke was lucky to contract acclaimed photographer Mike Ruiz. The site is now completely client-managed—a flawless execution of art and technology.

ATTCK case study. Bespoke surgical Devices
ATTCk case study. Bespoke Surgical discovery gif


We visited Bespoke’s old and new offices—still under construction—to understand how we could best transform their digital workflow via the web. We determined that we could drastically increase front office efficiency by providing a virtual onboarding process. This would allow clients to fill out information before arriving, streamlining their elevated clientele experience.

UX & visual design

Content was reconfigured according to feedback from both our client and its employees. The result: The front office can quickly communicate easy-to-remember URLs where patients can find important information.

ATTCK Style Guide for Bespoke Surgical
ATTCK case study. Bespoke Surgical dev code


We built a custom WordPress installation utilizing the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. This allowed us to create a fully customized experience for administering the site and authoring both content and downloadable assets (e.g., PDFs).

From the client

Loving the new site. Getting a lot of traffic 🙂

Nic D’Sposito
Operations Director
Miranda Cavanagh
Arno Fortelny
Karen Chow