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Elevating eye-catching custom cufflinks

Fils Unique did anything but go off the cuff when conceiving their well-considered, subtly sophisticated cufflinks. They came to us to help realize their digital aesthetic, reflect their products’ elegance, and build on their cohesive brand identity. Challenge accepted.

Plan of ATTCK

To begin, we engaged in a little tech strategy before designing and developing this immaculate website. Throughout the site, you’ll notice the use of a custom font to reflect the unique touch given to all of the company’s products. Then we labored to ensure that the animations and transitions were as smooth as silk (or as smooth as the screen on your brand-new phone/laptop).

Fils Unique's website seen on mobile devices

Branded e-commerce site

We built the site on top of Shopify and used Klaviyo to design aesthetically cohesive transactional emails for shoppers. The ability to easily customize Shopify emails with beautifully branded design helped us grow familiarity and exposure while also providing viewers with an e-commerce experience that’s easy on the eyes. With this embedded feature, our client is afforded a more comprehensive analytical benefit.

Shopify icon
Fils Unique website. Gif by ATTCK. Cufflinks page

Smooth navigations

The objective of this project was to build a site that would evoke a unique, sophisticated essence and prove easy to navigate. The interaction between site and shopper had to be nothing less than seamless. It may sound easy enough, but we had to take a step back, roll up our sleeves, and simplify the design to be consistent across every page, granting viewers a true-to-life e-commerce experience.

Mike and Masahiro gave me a great example of the type of work ATTCK delivers—mesmerizingly engaging design, solid web development, and communicative service that places the client’s needs first.

Nicolas, Owner
Fils Unique
Mike Cavaliere
Masahiro Naruse