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Rejuvenation, refreshed

Rejuvenation NYC is one of the city’s leading providers of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments—from injectables and lasers to microneedling, CoolSculpting, and more. The “Rejuv” crew has plenty to be proud of: Black Diamond (read: top 1 percent) status from Allergan, the maker of Botox and industry-leading dermal fillers; top ratings on Yelp, Google Places, and more; and an elegant office with a sweeping view of Midtown Manhattan. When they came to us, they needed two things: a brand refresh and a website to match.

Plan of ATTCK

We began by discussing our clients’ primary business goals and how their website could best meet them. We did our analytic homework, conducted qualitative research, and overhauled the website’s navigation and page structures based on our findings. The information architecture is now optimized with Rejuvenation’s clients in mind. Specials—the first thing patients sought on the practice’s former site—are given pride of place at the top left of the new website’s header, followed by information about the practice’s many offerings and its top-notch staff.

Better by design

Because Rejuvenation generates much of its business through online advertising, we equipped the site with Google Tag Manager to support retargeting efforts through paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Landing pages are now more adaptive, allowing for highly targeted and customized information based on clients’ demographics. needed to be conversion-friendly, so we populated it with calls to action and a strong emphasis on the practice’s competitive prices. Because many clients approach cosmetic medicine with questions and concerns in mind, the pages feature prominent FAQs with a subtle animation effect and design. To avoid clutter and information overload, clients select the questions that interest them most to reveal the corresponding answers. The information not only educates and reassures patients in doubt—it fulfills another one of our clients’ goals: boosting SEO.

Rejuvenation home page. case study
Rejuvenation specials page. case study
Rejuvenation nyc website seen on multiple devices. case study

Multi-device support

As with all of our projects, we placed responsive design at a premium. Our WordPress platform guarantees finely tuned responsiveness, styling elements relative to viewport width, so all the elements on the website scale proportionally to the user’s browser. That means Rejuvenation’s website displays flawlessly on all devices, from the iPhone 5 up to the largest widescreen monitor.

Rejuvenation nyc style guide by

Setting the style

Knowing we’d be carrying out a full redesign, we began by refreshing Rejuvenation’s swooping “R” logo and then creating an annotated design spec document that outlined various interactive states, a bespoke color palette, varied font schemes, and a design system with more room to breathe.

Graphic touches

No matter how experienced the practitioners or how prestigious the practice, cosmetic treatments can make patients’ heart rates rise. We created subtle custom icons with enough class to suit the practice and enough whimsy to please the patients—illustrating various complex procedures in an engaging, approachable way.

Custom made icon by ATTCK for rejuvenation.
Wireframe by ATTCK for Rejuvenation. Placeholder for gif

Preview mode

Once we’d determined and refined the website’s information architecture, we created annotated wireframes for each page—across desktop and mobile devices—to ensure a seamless user experience. Wireframes serve as a guide for our design and development teams, indicating key areas of functionality, communication, and user interaction. In short, they keep everyone on the same page, ensuring that every team member understands the navigation, interactions, and functionality of each screen.

Built for speed

There’s more to SEO than semantic markup and targeted copy. Performance is paramount. The faster a website loads, the more likely search engines are to scrape it more deeply and more frequently. Quicker load speeds also translate into higher rankings by Google, which rewards positive (i.e., fast) user experiences. Google’s benchmark PageSpeed Insights offers objective metrics into a website’s performance, ranking it on a scale from 1 to 100. Anything above a 90 is considered impressive. At a brisk 92, more than makes the grade.

Page speed insights for Rejuvenation.

Beauty in business

We worked hard to optimize for its practitioners and its clients. That meant incorporating new navigation flows and content structures, fresh color schemes, and custom iconography and typography—all while optimizing the site for performance, SEO, and online marketing and retargeting. The result: a beautiful website for the beauty industry. As Rejuvenation continues setting back the clock for its clients, we’ve made a website that’s both fresh and easy on the eyes. Just what the doctor ordered.

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