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We call it the “wink” 😉

Custom graphic design, iconography, and animation represent the attention to detail that elevates our client’s digital experience to a more sophisticated level.

When we designed the website for Essex Crossing, a bustling, bazaar-like marketplace on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, we handcrafted a bold, branded animation to greet visitors. Its form and movement convey the energy and excitement of the project in a way words never could.

Setting design in motion

Movement moves us. We all have an innate sense of what makes certain movements attractive. Harnessing this, designers can create anything from micro-animations to dancing icons in order to enhance users’ digital experience.

It’s crucial to carefully consider the nature of the animation in the context of the greater project. Imagine users hovering over a heart-shaped icon. Suddenly, it begins to beat. If you’re on a dating site, you might be amused. If you have chest pain and are scheduling an appointment with your cardiologist, you might less than amused.

In animation, as in all design, context is everything.

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