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Keep your kin in
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Kinfo is an online community dedicated to providing guardians and their kin with information, access, and control of their medical records—present and future.

Kinfo approached us to help them solve a two-pronged problem: to guide them through an effective website rebrand and to develop easy-to-access, secure digital legal docs.

Plan of ATTCK

Before we could dig into the nitty-gritty, we needed a name—something short that would speak to the important family bond the service aimed to protect. “Kinfo” was the result of several rounds of stakeholder interviews and copywriting.

gif of Kinfo's website. Design and development by ATTCK
Kinfo's website, HIPAA page. Design and development by ATTCK
Kinfo's website, how it works page. Design and development by ATTCK
Kinfo's website, states page. Design and development by ATTCK
Kinfo's website, FAQ page. Design and development by ATTCK
Kinfo's website seen on mobile devices

Brand identity design

We designed the logo and digital aesthetic to complement and strengthen the brand name. Working together with their team, we were able to create brand cohesiveness and align with their marketing launch plans. Per usual, we chose WordPress as our preferred content management system (CMS).

Branded logo and icons by ATTCK for Kinfo
Legal doc. Kinfo. ATTCK

Secured legal forms

Now to the back-end stuff. The fun stuff. Essentially, we built the company’s core product—a single-page legal form generation application, but not just for your ordinary legal docs. Each needed to be neatly structured, 100 percent secure, and user-friendly.

So we constructed our own custom API back end, using tools that enable PDF manipulation to support information security, payment processing, and PDF storage. Our custom-built system, along with tailor-made legal document templates, offers the client an efficient way to manage storage.

In addition, we built a single-page React application responsible for collecting customer data. It leverages local browser storage so a repeat customer can make another purchase without the hassle of re-entering their info. Of course, sensitive personal data are not saved or stored.

The experience of working with the team at ATTCK has been tremendous. It is incredibly refreshing to work with a team, from the top down, that is transparent, easy to work with and makes time for you. It is a lost art that more people should recognize with ATTCK. Being a startup, the collaborative environment ATTCK provides has really helped us find the right way to get out of the gate. With ATTCK you get a real partner that keeps an open discussion, in real time.

Paul Goldberg, Founder
Gary Gertz
Sarah Quigley Dennis Plucinik
Masahiro Naruse Karen Chow