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React.js Mobile Web Application


NUCREW is an on-demand mobile web-app that connects brands, agencies, and networks with filmmakers and production talent.

NUCREW was founded by creatives who have worked with brands and agencies including Nike, R/GA, W+K, Kate Spade, Sony Pictures Classics, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and others. NUCREW specializes in short-form, web, tv, and social content — including promos, daily news, mini-docs, commercials, behind the scenes, corporate messaging, lifestyle and fashion photography, and animation. They empower brands to tell their stories and engage with customers across multiple distribution channels.

Our task was to design and develop a web app for producers to hire film crew members. Clients can choose the service they need, enter a time and location, and immediately request available crew. Crew members can create profiles, choose the services they want to offer, and accept or decline jobs.

The audience includes above- and below-the-line creatives, including videographers, photographers, writers, musicians, and designers. Mobile users were our top priority.


We designed a bespoke set of graphics and icons for this project. The simplified single-line style is meant to present the brand as clean, modern, and fun. Our high-resolution, vector graphics are used across a variety of implementations including background wallpapers and textures, and in-app informational components.


The requirements included the following: The app must send a notification to crew when the client makes a request; Crew must be able to accept or decline a job; Payment is made via a link to Venmo. We also built a desktop interface for administrators to manage clients, crew, and jobs. Prices for each service are set by an admin according to two skill levels, Standard and Pro. In a future phase, we plan to implement a system for clients to rate crew.


We began by drafting separate task flows for each user group: clients, crew, and administrators. Since each group would have access to different screens, we created a site map for each. Notifications are triggered at various points in the flow, so it was crucial to determine the different states of a job, such as Active, Accepted, Declined, Delivered, and Paid. From there, we created wireframes and prototyped them with InVision.

Our clients are also designers and we worked together to create a clean and minimal interface for the app. Taking inspiration from technology and current trends, ATTCK provided beautifully illustrated icons for NUCREW’s marketing website.


We developed the app using React.js as the front-end framework and a customized Bootstrap CSS UI to provide a seamless mobile experience. React.js will provide a solid foundation on which to build native application functionality (i.e., React Native) in a later phase. We also developed a responsive marketing site to promote the app and link to blog content.


NUCREW has just launched after a short private beta and we are excited to see the feedback we get from our first users. We’re employing a Lean Product Design process so we can make adjustments quickly, make informed, smart decisions, and deploy quickly

We are truly proud of our work with NUCREW and look forward to their continued success and ongoing development!



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