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Five Methods for Learning How to Code

Mike Cavaliere ⋅ May 17 2018

One of the biggest challenges for most people learning to code is the overwhelming amount of options. Not just in technologies, but in learning methods. I’ve heard a fair amount of people ask, “What’s the best way to learn to code? Should I get a computer science degree? Or just take a coding bootcamp? Or […]

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Code Zen: Time-saving Tips From JavaScript ES6 and Beyond

Sarah Quigley ⋅ May 3 2018

Beautify your code. JavaScript famously began its life in 1995 as a scripting language prototyped in ten days by Brendan Eich for the browser du jour, Netscape Navigator. Often derided as the bastard child of coding languages, it long lacked many of the features developers took for granted in other languages. Comparing some popular languages […]

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React Native – Design Systems and Styling Strategy

Mike Cavaliere ⋅ April 26 2018

React Native - Design Systems and Styling Strategy

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Deploying Secure, Fast, Static WordPress Sites

attck ⋅ February 28 2018

The basic premise of this setup is that WordPress is a difficult application to secure, so let's get it out of the picture entirely.

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WordPress Security

Top 3 WordPress Security Plugins

attck ⋅ February 28 2018

Companies stake their brand and reputation on WordPress every day. Currently, in 2018, WordPress is estimated to power roughly 29% of the top one million websites. The disadvantage of its popularity is that this makes WordPress an attractive target for hackers. At least half of our business centers around WordPress developmentĀ from startups and large enterprises.

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WordPress Security

Best Practices for Homepage Design

Karen Chow ⋅ August 3 2017

For good homepage design, start with content.

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Our Story

attck ⋅ January 19 2017

We started this company in June, 2014 out of a desire to "do things right". We asked ourselves if it were possible to succeed in an environment free from stressful deadlines, late nights & weekends, and the myriad other reasons cited by our peers for having quit their otherwise great jobs to try their luck elsewhere.

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