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Great design is about the user, first and foremost. User research provides a set of tools to understand who your users are, what they value, what their perceptions are, how they interact with your site—and what ultimately motivates them to action.

We use research methods like surveys, interviews, and focus groups, then add usability testing, task analysis, cognitive walkthroughs, and more. This helps us align our tech to your needs and tailor-fit your product to your audience.

Two pages from an ATTCK survey using survey Monkey.
Pages from an ATTCK survey using survey Monkey.
Survey Monkey Landing page

Users, of course, have different values and preferences. For a site to truly be effective, it must serve a varied audience. We determine the percentage of users who hold certain opinions or fit an established persona, and then we derive the criteria that differentiate them. Demographic, behavioral, and cultural differences all inform our design solutions.

By uncovering who’s in your market, how to engage them, and how to transform them from browsers into customers and customers into ambassadors, we help reimagine your business, creating better customer experiences and accelerating your operations for the digital age.

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