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Big business

White-collar, professional, polished. Not the first words that most associate with cannabis.

Acreage Holdings isn’t your average cannabis company. With board members including former Speaker of the House John Boehner and the former prime minister of Canada, Acreage is one of the largest vertically integrated, multistate operators of cannabis licenses and assets in the United States.

Big deal

Acreage’s recent acquisition for some $3 billion by Canada’s Canopy Growth, the world’s largest cannabis company, has set the stage—once cannabis becomes legal nationwide in the U.S.— for a joint $18 billion enterprise. 

As cannabis becomes legal across the country, a pivotal shift in medical research and treatment is under way—the kind of change that affects the lives of millions. Acreage Holdings has been at the forefront of the transition, investing in the industry when few others would consider it. 

Plan of ATTCK

Big clients, big stakes, big task. Acreage first provided us with their print and offline branding guidelines, which we then realized digitally, reimagining their brand in the process. We created intuitive user experience designs—including a sitemap, user flows, and journey maps—as well as original content. Then we used our proprietary FLEX layout tool to realize expertly executed visual designs that are colorful but clean and engaging but elegant.

Acreage Holdings about us page. ATTCK case study
Acreage Holdings Our brands page. ATTCK case study
Acreage Holdings website seen on multiple devices. ATTCK case study

Their own devices

As with all of our projects, we placed responsive design at a premium. Our WordPress platform guarantees finely tuned responsiveness, styling elements relative to viewport width, so all the elements on the website scale proportionally to the user’s browser. Acreage’s website displays flawlessly on all devices, from the iPhone 5 up to the largest widescreen monitor.

Acreage Holdings map. case study

All over the map

Acreage asked for a zoomable, clickable, scrollable map to show users the locations and addresses of their dispensaries and cultivation sites across the country. We integrated Mapbox—used by Facebook, Snapchat, and the like—to implement a fully customized graphical user interface that fits within brand guidelines and works like a charm.

Iconic design

We designed a bespoke set of simple but striking iconography for Acreage’s website: a plant for cultivation, a boxed package for dispensing, a piggy bank for 401(k) plans. They’re clean, unobtrusive, and a bit playful, fitting perfectly within Acreage’s brand strategy and brand guidelines. case study. Acreage Holdings Custom icons

[Canopy] has agreed to buy New York–based Acreage Holdings Inc. for $3.4 billion in a cross-border deal that may usher in a wave of consolidation in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Los Angeles Times

FLEX time

Leveraging WordPress, our content management system of choice, we built Acreage’s website using FLEX, our proprietary layout system. Why WordPress? It’s the perfect platform for sites that are robust, scalable, and streamlined. Most importantly, it offers us—and our clients—custom experiences that are remarkably easy to adapt. No HTML or CSS expertise required. And thanks to FLEX, the process is easier than ever. Using a row-and-column paradigm and drag-and-drop functionality, it makes the process of inputting content confusion-free, preventing costly errors. Our philosophy: We create sites, but our clients own them.

screenshot of a webpage being edited inside a WordPress admin panel
screenshot of a webpage being edited inside a WordPress admin panel

Ready for growth

Through original content, design, and development, we created a cannabis experience that’s intuitive and inviting for users. Acreage, for its part, can revise the website as they see fit, updating with clients with the latest developments as they expand in this high-growth market. As legislation and regulations evolve, Acreage is poised to build on its leadership position and further expand nationwide and beyond. We look forward to seeing them grow through launch and beyond.

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