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Twitter #Botlove: Your Weekly Matches from #Botland, Issue 5

Sarah Quigley • April 9, 2019
Looking for love in Twitter’s #botland? Here are this week’s beautiful bots:

The Absurd


Created by: @jeffk

Do you ever yearn for the cowboy days of the old internet? Then @Vox304 might be the perfect bot for you. Take a time machine back to the 1990s with @Vox304 and enjoy a selection of the latest articles from Vox Media’s publications through the lens of retro browser Netscape Navigator 3.04. A technically complex bot under the hood, @Vox304’s creator @jeffk has made the bot’s code available on GitHub.

The Benevolent


Created by: @FogleBird

Your meet-cute with biological molecules: @RibbonDiagrams chooses one random protein from the RCSB Protein Data Bank (an open-access digital data bank of large biological molecules) and renders it as a gorgeous, colorful ribbon diagram. Even non-scientists will be able to appreciate the complex beauty of these incredible biological structures.

The Sublime


Created by:  @JoeSondow

@EmojiTetra makes gaming truly communal. Using Twitter polls, players collectively decide each move in a familiar falling block game charmingly rendered in colorful emoji. For a thorough discussion of the rules of the game, or to explore the bot’s code, check out its GitLab repo. Now go make your vote on the next move over at @EmojiTetra!

Didn’t find #botlove this week? Stayed tuned for next week’s matches, introducing you to more of Twitter’s most absurd, benevolent, and sublime bots. Impatient? Meet one awesome randomly chosen bot each day by following Sarah’s Twitter bot @botsofalltime—and find your love at first #bot. ❤