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Twitter #Botlove: Your Weekly Matches from #Botland, Issue 4

Sarah Quigley • April 2, 2019
Looking for love in Twitter’s #botland? Here are this week’s beautiful bots:

The Absurd


Created by: Anonymous

BONG. BONG BONG. BONG BONG BONG. @big_ben_clock is the digital representation of London’s famed clock tower Big Ben, BONGing (and occasionally BANGing) its way through the hours on Twitter with aplomb. BONG BONG BONG BONG.

The Benevolent


Created by: @maxbraun

In search of a new stock-trading strategy? If so, then @Trump2Cash might just be the bot for you. @Trump2Cash analyzes the tweets of @realDonaldTrump for mentions of publicly traded companies, and attempts to determine whether the sentiments expressed about those companies are positive, neutral, or negative. The bot trades based on these analyses, in addition to publishing the results of its sentiment analyses on @Trump2Cash. According to a Medium article by the bot’s creator, @maxbraun, the trading strategy succeeds more often than not. @maxbraun has open-sourced the bot, so you too can combine political activism with profit. As for what to do with your earnings, you could follow the lead of its creator and donate to the American Civil Liberties Union, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and/or Planned Parenthood.

The Sublime


Created by: @mewo2

@metropologeny is a bot for lovers of cartography. Creating intricate and beautiful procedurally generated maps of urban landscapes, @metropologeny will take you to far off cities, towns, and hamlets that do not exist.

Didn’t find #botlove this week? Stayed tuned for next week’s matches, introducing you to more of Twitter’s most absurd, benevolent, and sublime bots. Impatient? Meet one awesome randomly chosen bot each day by following Sarah’s Twitter bot @botsofalltime—and find your love at first #bot. ❤