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Twitter #Botlove: Your Weekly Matches from #Botland, Issue 3

Sarah Quigley • March 26, 2019
Looking for love in Twitter’s #botland? Here are this week’s beautiful bots:

The Absurd


Created by: @rumnogg and @thricedotted

Wanna sext, but got writer’s block? Why not consult @wikisext for some inspiration! Though now sadly inactive (after a stint over on Mastodon), @wikisext drew on source material from Wikihow to create the most fabulously ridiculous sexts.

The Benevolent


Created by: @maxbittker

Watch the English lexicon evolve by following @NYT_first_said: @NYT_first_said tracks when the New York Times publishes a word for the first time in its history. An amusing ecosystem of other bots has developed around @NYT_first_said, including @NYT_said_where, which links to the articles the featured word appeared in, and @seen_it_news, which attempts to one-up @NYT_first_said by finding older uses of featured words in other newspapers.

The Sublime


Created by: Anonymous

Equal parts calming and enchanting, @softlandscapes creates ethereal, procedurally generated landscapes painted in a muted color palette. Lose yourself in its low contrast and gentle contours.

Didn’t find #botlove this week? Stayed tuned for next week’s matches, introducing you to more of Twitter’s most absurd, benevolent, and sublime bots. Impatient? Meet one awesome randomly chosen bot each day by following Sarah’s Twitter bot @botsofalltime—and find your love at first #bot. ❤