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Twitter #Botlove: Your Weekly Matches from #Botland, Issue 1

Sarah Quigley • March 12, 2019
Looking for love in Twitter’s #botland? Here are this week’s beautiful bots:

The Absurd


Created by: Anonymous

Every sheriff has its emoji, every emoji has its sheriff—from the sheriff of mushroom to the sheriff of moon-viewing ceremony, from the sheriff of heart with arrow to the sheriff of person playing handball—let @EverySheriff introduce you! This bot is simple, silly, and somehow never fails to make me smile.

The Benevolent


Created by: @tomtaylor

For those who lose sleep worrying about global annihilation by asteroid collision, @lowflyingrocks may not be the most comforting of bots. @lowflyingrocks tweets every time a Near-Earth Object passes by us, pulling its data from a public API provided by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Don’t stress too much: “Near” from an astronomical perspective is still (usually) pretty damn far away.

The Sublime


Created by: @asthesparksfly

Walk in the woods with @botinthewoods. @botinthewoods posts procedurally generated videos of fantastical forests. The surreal color palettes and alien treeforms it creates give the forests an otherworldly feeling. Sadly, this is probably as close as we’ll get to wandering in an extraterrestrial forest in our lifetimes.

Didn’t find #botlove this week? Stayed tuned for next week’s matches, introducing you to more of Twitter’s most absurd, benevolent, and sublime bots. Impatient? Meet one awesome randomly chosen bot each day by following Sarah’s Twitter bot @botsofalltime—and find your love at first #bot. ❤