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Twitter #Botlove: Your Weekly Matches from #Botland, Issue 6

Sarah Quigley • April 16, 2019
Looking for love in Twitter’s #botland? Here are this week’s beautiful bots:

The Absurd


Created by: @mewo2

Stamp your feet, clap your hands, and sing along with @Botston! @Botston is a truly silly bot that generates (and sings!) new lyrics to the “Gaston” song from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  ♫ No one tweets like @Botston / Rhymes and beats like @Botston / Sings as melodiously sweet as @Botston… ♫

The Benevolent


Created by: @filiphracek

@year_progress tracks the passing of the year, one percent at time. Warning: This bot may fill you with existential dread about the inevitable forward march of time.

The Sublime


Created by: Anonymous

@mazeaday posts gorgeous, intricate, procedurally generated mazes every day. Even if you have no intention of solving these mazes, their beauty will give you plenty to appreciate and admire.

Didn’t find #botlove this week? Stayed tuned for next week’s matches, introducing you to more of Twitter’s most absurd, benevolent, and sublime bots. Impatient? Meet one awesome randomly chosen bot each day by following Sarah’s Twitter bot @botsofalltime—and find your love at first #bot. ❤