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The 700 islands of the Bahamas

It’s not common knowledge that there are hundreds of Bahamian islands. Our client’s original brand, named “The 700 Experience,” focused on a holistic view of life on these islands. After developing a devout user base over the previous several years, the 700 Experience was looking to reframe and clarify the intent of years of content—while also providing a foundation for high-quality editorial production. Once we determined that their focus should be on their chief attraction—the Bahamian islands themselves—we started thinking up a new brand name. Our timing was perfect, and we were lucky enough to find that our first domain choice would become available within days.

Reframing the experience

Island life isn’t all just tropical drinks and lounging. Well, at least a tiny fraction of it isn’t… People are interested in the Bahamas for a wide range of reasons: vacations, year-round and seasonal living, weddings, business, diving, sailing, etc. To put it briefly, there are many considerations that make an experienced guide valuable and even necessary.

We spent weeks identifying user personas and establishing behavioral patterns that exposed our primary content verticals: Travel, Living, and Style. This way we could easily curate existing content into navigable and SEO-friendly destinations. The resulting platform enabled authoring of beautiful and unique content, all of which is automatically categorized into the appropriate pages.

The shield

Redefining such a personal brand meant drawing from the founder’s rich family history—her family traces back to the United Empire Loyalists who made landfall in the Bahamas in 1789—and tightly binding every element to Bahamian tradition. Each element was chosen for its importance to the islands and to the client’s personal experience.

Bahamas coat of arms

Queen Conch

Commanding the cusp, the Queen Conch takes her place prominently at the pinnacle, much as she does on our client’s own family coat of arms.

Silver Top Palm

Native to the Bahamas, the Silver Top Palm is distinctively dressed in dark blue-green. Deeply divided palmate leaves harbor a beautiful silver hue beneath.

Eleuthera Pineapple

Placed at the bottom point, the Eluthera Pineapple symbolizes the past 130 years in the history of our client’s family, who originated as pineapple farmers.

Sisal Plant

Introduced to the Bahamas in the mid-1800s, this plant is used in an array of traditional local products.


Inspired by the 18 shields of the Commonwealth, gifted upon independence from Britain in 1973.


The flamingo’s familiar stance, supporting itself on one foot, represents strength and pays homage to the Bahamas’ official coat of arms.

Style guide

As with any visual design work we do, we created a style guide that provides a complete overview of typefaces, styles, colors, and so on, as well as context and component usage. 

700 Islands style guide
Hand-drawn icons by ATTCK for 700 islands

Hand-drawn iconography

We polished the visual design down to the last detail. No pixel was left unturned, and no opportunity to elevate the brand was missed. Fun, rustic, and airy hand-drawn sketches elevate even the most seemingly insignificant and oft-overlooked elements of the experience.


In the golden age of visual storytelling, ATTCK accelerated the bringing to life of a lifestyle and brand that is unique to the 700 islands of the Bahamas.

Vanessa Prichard
Founder of 700 Islands

Champagne and blue skies

Now that 700Islands.com has launched, ATTCK has many plans for enhancements, including more beautiful content. We’d like to thank everyone who contributed over the course of the year to produce such a wonderful experience.

Gary Gertz Miranda Cavanagh
Karen Chow Masahiro Naruse
Dennis Plucinik Oka Tai-Lee