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Our drivers make the difference

Gypsum Express has been one of the largest trucking companies in the east coast for the last twenty years, hauling for companies like Anheuser-Busch out of Syracuse, NY but originally known for hauling gypsum wallboard, apropos the company name.

In any service industry, it was famously said that the value of your company walks out the door every night. In trucking, finding professional drivers makes the difference, and Gypsum Express prides itself on the caliber of their workforce.

Plan of ATTCK

Gypsum Express provided an opportunity to help them think through how to best enhance their driver’s experience via their website. Much time was being spent trying to find contact information for terminals, documents for submitting paperwork, company news and updates, among other important information.

What we recommended was to separate the website into two destinations to better serve two distinct users: current drivers, and potential hires.

The main website would provide information about the company culture, benefits, contact information, and employment form submission conversion pages. While the driver portal would become a useful tool for current drivers to engage with each other and their dispatchers, as well as to quickly access important information.

Gypsum Express website seen on desktop screen. ATTCK case study
Our drivers page on Gypsum Express. ATTCK case study.
Drive for Gypsum page. ATTCK case study
Our services page on Gypsum express. Case study on
ABout us page on gypsum express. Case study on

Stylizes map for gypsum express by attck

Rand McNally-style maps

We wanted to provide an experience that drivers would appreciate, many of which have been driving since well before cell phones and GPS. In those times, every driver had a Rand McNally map handy, so when we designed our terminal locator Google Map integration, we drew inspiration to those early days.

Modern and bold

Gypsum wanted to consider a style that would stand out. We researched competitor’s websites and decided to apply a treatment as bold as the big red letters across their trailers. The result is authentic to their brand, utilizing the Gypsum red the company prides itself to display. (Red is the most visible color on the road and thus, safest for their drivers.)

Scroll down effects for gypsum express by
Custom icons for gypsum express by

Custom iconography

In keeping with our driving theme, we incorporated a suite of graphics emblematic of familiar shapes and signs on the road: hexagonal bullet points shaped like lug nuts, share icons shaped like yield signs, and others.

Driver portal

The driver portal provides a curated experience for the drivers who are so important to the company’s success. It provides quick access to important documents, training resources, contact information, and company news.

Team Portal page for gypsum express by attck
Gypsum Express truck on the road.

Proud to promote safe driving

One of our goals at ATTCK is to support businesses that benefit society. Never before have truck drivers been so obviously critical to keeping the supply chain operational. In the face of the many obstacles presented as a result of the pandemic, Gypsum Express has continued to grow and thrive and we are proud to have worked with such a dedicated team of safe-minded professionals.

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