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Product focused

Our friends at Modern Craft reached out to us about a brand overhaul they were working on with New Classrooms. The resulting strategic approach was to reemerge with two separate brands: one for the main corporate website (newclassrooms.org) and the other for their main product suite, called Teach to One (teachtoone.org).

Plan of ATTCK

We determined the best way to construct both website, and provide a unified branded experience as well as a consolidated authoring and management interface for the client, was to implement WordPress Multisite. WordPress Multisite allows two distinct domains to share a unified codebase through a system of “parent” and “child” WordPress themes. This allowed us to launch the first website immediately, and roll out updates to both themes as the second was in development, simultaneously.

Strategic Planning

Teach to One is a complex educational product that required a nuanced communication approach. The site is structured in a way that presents product categories using focused language targeting their specific demographics: teachers, administrators, and families.

Fully Customizable FLEX System

We extended our FLEX system on WordPress to work with Multisite, providing New Classrooms with dynamic page content and layout editing capabilities.

Branded Iconography

One of the most exciting moments for us is when we bring the brand to life with bespoke, hand-drawn iconography and graphic design elements. We call this the “wink” and it represents the attention to detail that elevates our client’s digital experience to a more sophisticated level.


Our clients are deeply involved in every step of ideation, prototyping, design, and development. We worked with New Classrooms’ teams to ensure they were fully equipped to manage and maintain their website for many years into the future.


What you and [Modern Craft] pulled off in a short amount of time is nothing short of a miracle.

Michelle Ward
New Classrooms


We are super proud of both of the beautiful new websites we created for New Classrooms and Teach to One and are looking forward to seeing the impact they will have on this evolved world of remote working and advanced education modalities.

Dennis Plucinik
Masahiro Naruse