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Our Story

Dennis Plucinik • August 19, 2014

ATTCK was born in 2014 out of a desire to “do things right”. We asked ourselves if it were possible to succeed in an environment free from stressful deadlines, late nights and weekends, and the myriad other reasons why great people quit their jobs in this industry.


Before opening our doors, we tried to identify qualities of the “ideal” company. Mentorship and career building immediately ranked highest. Salaries aside, working with a great team contributes exponentially more towards personal and professional growth. Thus, in order to create a perfect environment that breeds greatness, we made education an integral part of our business.

Our individual backgrounds include an array of award-winning creative and technical work, spanning industries including fashion, retail, philanthropy, education, technology, real estate, and finance.

Our passion

We approach our work with enthusiasm and dedication, not as a job, but as a craft—a skill under constant refinement. The Japanese have a word we identify with, shokunin, meaning one who dedicates their life to the constant search for perfection.

Apple is a company we respect for their attention to detail, demanding precision and beauty even from internal hardware and circuitry, despite not  being visible. We apply the same attention to unseen detail. These successes are invisible: pages load faster, apps don’t crash, fewer carts are abandoned, images look beautiful—you get the point.


Our hope is simply that our passion will permeate and define our culture, which in turn will enable us all to do our best work.

Our plan is bold. We plan to prove building our dream company is possible. Maybe we’re foolish for believing that we can, but it is our plan nonetheless.

This is our plan of ATTCK.