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Please, no more snow!

Snowplowing meets technology. Why isn’t this already a thing, you ask? Technology takes time to get right, and we think we finally did it with Plow Now.

Our task was to design and develop a responsive mobile website for users to schedule plow appointments and for plow truck drivers to manage their appointments.

We designed an incredibly flexible interface, built from the ground up using React.js, that supports all device sizes. We also designed a complete interface library and style guide, as well as a super-fun and friendly brand identity.


There are many nuances to this unique type of reservation system, requiring significant discussion, dissection, and analysis. Customers, their individual personas, the uncertainty of the weather, and the value of timing were all taken into consideration. The resulting interface prioritizes drivers’ service windows based on the time period selected by the customer (e.g., within the next two hours, sometime between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.) Discovery was a critical step in ensuring our success.

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UX and visual design

We designed, from scratch, an interface that supports screens of all sizes on all devices.

We also designed a complete interface library and style guide, developed a brand identity that’s as fun as it is friendly.


Built from the ground up with React.js on the front end and a Ruby on Rails RESTful back end. The technology stack will allow Plow Now to produce native iOS and Android apps in the next phase of their business—and to do so in a more cost-effective way. Plow Now is not simply a web app—it is a platform that will allow Plow Now to easily expand into related on-demand service markets when the time comes.


Following last year’s temperate winter, we are actually excited to see some cold weather and snow on the ground finally this year! Great time to launch an on-demand snow removal service!

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