Bud Light Summer Stimmy

A Proposal To provide an awesome amount of awesome ways to make Summer 2021 even awesomer for people across America.

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Remember Spring 2021?

Most of us try not to. It wasn’t fun, unless you got some of that sweet government stimulus money 🙂 After the money was all gone, Bud Light wanted to continue the party so they assembled their greatest minds to come up with a plan, that included insightful clauses we can all agree with, like this:


Through Labor Day 2021, all forthcoming “Summer Fridays” shall henceforth begin at noon on Tuesday, and extend until the following Monday at noon.

In the end, the campaign “garnered 875 million earned impressions via 300+ placements and brought in 70,000 new Bud Light loyalty members. The campaign also generated 440,000 social mentions, reaching #4 within Twitter’s top ten and ultimately trending 7 times!”

Plan of ATTCK

The initial request gave us about two weeks to pull this all together. Our team worked with A-B INBEV to produce the UX, visual design, architecture, and technology strategy, utilizing our FLEX framework enabled us to build the custom components we needed in order to deliver everything in perfect working order.

The result was a successful, and widely covered campaign (Read all the press below).

Interactive Popups

We built a custom modal template component which allowed us to easily display embedded content for each section in the Stimmy.

PDF Reader Integration

The entire Stimmy package document needed to be available as an embedded popup so we utilized a JavaScript-based PDF reader with customizable control elements.


ATTCK is the greatest company ever. I admire them more with every passing day.

Maline Mazar
Owner and Co-founder, Lumma


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Dennis Plucinik
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Dennis Plucinik