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If brand identity is the personality of a company, a logo is its face. It must be recognizable and distinctive. The more memorable the logo, the more effective and efficient the company’s advertising and messaging.

A logo distills a brand down to its essence through three main components: shape, color, and motif. Each element must be thoughtfully considered. Orange or red might suit an “energetic” brand, but if the market’s flooded with them… time to be creative.

A great logo should be timeless. We believe that one measure of a logo is how long it lasts. Trends come and go, but great design endures.

How does a company update its logo? Gingerly. Well-considered refinements can make a logo forward-thinking and fresh, but changing it too drastically can break a brand. We’ve helped many clients reimagine their logos and reconsider what their logos can do. Have a look at our work for Bourbon Blog, UpSwing Health, and Kinfo for just some examples.

Kinfo logo
Bourbon Blog logo in color
700 Islands logo
James logo
Dream Big Baltimore logo
Lumma logo
Upswing health logo 3
Upswing health logo 2
Upswing health logo 1

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