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Keep it clean, consistent, and clear

Nothing undermines a site’s credibility quite like a glaring typo. Misplaced, commas trip users up, and simple misspellings make superstar clients look like amateurs. Our philosophy: To err is human, but letting errors into your finished product is unacceptable.

Care about your project? Make your copy impeccable. Concerns like there vs. their vs. they’re can seem pedantic, but users take notice. If your words don’t show that you take your work seriously, why should anyone else? And if you can’t effectively manage your commas and clauses, who’s to say you can manage your code?

Copyeditors are trained to see language with fresh eyes, spotting where a comma splice or an abrupt turn of phrase could leave readers in the lurch. They fix everything from eggcorns to crash blossoms—and plenty of other linguistic snafus with endearing names. 

They also keep copy orderly and consistent, ensuring that a website on one page isn’t a web site or a Web site on another. (Merriam-Webster accepts all three spellings. We prefer the first.) E-commerce or ecommerce? Non-profit or nonprofit? Make an informed choice, and stick to it.

When it comes to copy—or design or code, for that matter—precision and concision are your friends. Assume your readers are in a rush, because they are, and streamline when possible. Which of the following would you rather read?

There are some people who aren’t sure whether or not she should be the president.


Some aren’t sure whether she should be president.

It’s not always easy to spot redundancies and run-ons. Always have someone read behind you. Those who are closest to text often have the most difficulty seeing it clearly, and every great writer needs an editor. 

If you want users to choose your brand, choose your words with care.

Make your copy impeccable.

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