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Project Summary

We performed several workshops with Bondhouse in order to understand both the needs of their target customer and how to communicate the value of their unique technology offering.

These workshops culminated in the production of a full suite of UX and visual design deliverables including web and mobile app sitemaps, user flows, journey maps, wireframes, clickable prototypes, style guides, custom illustrations, and polished visual design mockups of every page and component.

Plan of ATTCK

Our approach was to coordinate a series of in-person workshops with each of the client’s stakeholders in order to understand both their understanding of the market, as well as their own nuanced subject matter expertise areas.

Considering the platform sought to exploit complex applications of machine learning to curate market-beating investment products, the industry knowledge needed to deliver a winning product was crucial for us to comprehend.

Bond House website seen on desktop. ATTCK case study
Bond house home page full page. ATTCK case study
Bond house offerings page. ATTCK case study

User Experience Strategy & Design

Bond House user strategy. ATTCK case study
Logo design for Bond House by ATTCK. ATTCK case study


We performed several rounds of brand identity design including logo design and other typographic and style elements.

Illustrations & Animations

Based on our market research, we proposed several design directions ultimately landing on a clean and unique visual style. This formed the foundation for us to produce an entire collection of user interface designs as well as custom graphics, animations, and illustrations.

Illustrations for Bond House created and designed by ATTCK
Gary Gertz Dennis Plucinik
Chris Oz
Karen Chow Masahiro Naruse