Technical Architecture

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Equally important as the technology that goes into building a project is the thought that goes into the technology itself. Countless considerations must be taken into account before the appropriate technical architecture can be determined.

An intimate understanding of the client’s mission and their position in the market—not to mention the desired functionality of their site—is necessary. Options related to scalability and security must be considered, not to mention heartiness (how long the site will need to stay up) and maintainability (who will administer the site and whether a developer will be needed down the line). All of these considerations help to determine the appropriate architecture.

We, for our part, don’t just build for the sake of building (or, worse, overbuild for the sake of overbuilding). We take a practical, technology-agnostic approach to determine the most cost-effective solutions for our clients, avoiding pricey architectural renovations down the line.

workflow chart showing website infrastructure
Technical Architecture work