Gap Analysis

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Don’t mind the gaps. Bridge them.

Those wide-open spaces known as gaps come in many forms—and in web design, they’re a beautiful place to target efforts. Whether a client comes to us for a brand-new website or merely wants to improve on what they have, analyzing the gaps is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Rule 1 of Marketing 101: Stand out. The net is filled with everything from startups to corporations vying for your attention and your wallet. The easiest thing in the world is to fall through the cracks. Two vital questions: Where are the gaps in the market, and how can you capitalize on them?

When one client asked us to develop a meditation app called eMindful, the market was already chock-full of competitors, promising everything from decreased stress and pain to increased focus and immune function. We lasered in on a yawning gap: Headspace offered cute animations, Simpler Habit offered sessions on the go, and Calm offered Matthew McConaughey’s voice, but eMindful would offer live instructors and scheduled classes—perfect for community support and keeping users honest.

Gaps aren’t always found in the marketplace, though. Clients looking to refine or upgrade their offerings can often benefit from a look at the gaps in their own software—its implementation and its shortcomings. Once we analyze all these moving pieces as well as our clients’ expectations, time frames, contingencies, etc., we can determine the best way to bridge the gap between where they are and where they ought to be.

Bridge the gap.

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