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Powerful, adaptable, and user-friendly.
What’s not to love?

We devote ourselves to making intuitive experiences for users. Now we’ve created a tool to make work on the back end intuitive too.

Anyone who’s worked with us knows that WordPress is our content management system of choice. In addition to being extremely robust, extensive, and flexible, it’s remarkably user-friendly, enabling clients to modify their own content after their site launches.

Even with its latest Gutenberg editing tool, though, which was designed to make entering and editing content more straightforward, we found room for improvement. For starters, it left plenty of room for errors on the front end, especially for non-experts looking to make substantial changes. 

Enter FLEX, our fittingly Flexible Layout EXperience. The result of months of development work, it makes the process of building and editing websites easier, faster, and more streamlined. Using a row and column paradigm, it clears away clutter, making content more orderly and helping to prevent costly errors. Developers enjoy drag-and-drop functionality and work in distinct blocks of content on a grid, rather than in fields stacked on top of each other, top to bottom.

Perhaps best of all, every FLEX project starts with the same parent theme, to which we can add child themes through WordPress. This allows us to effectively override the parent theme and customize the user’s experience, all without tinkering with original code. The functionality’s a boon to our developers, no doubt, but it also benefits our clients. Smarter tools make for beautiful products delivered sooner. 

We saw room for improvement in our development process, and through ingenuity and hard work, we made it happen. Sometimes in tech, you need to flex your muscles.

Some FLEX features

Adding a row to page in ATTCK's WordPress layout tool FLEX, a custom layout tool for WP sites

Add columns

Easily add columns to start adding content to your page.

Change column count in ATTCKs WordPress custom layout tool, FLEX WP layout tool system.

Modify layout for all devices and designs.

Change the column count to easily change the width of your content. Easily adapt your content for different devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet.

FLEX Layout gap variables

Smart spacing

FLEX implements an evenly-divisible gap-multiple-based spacing system with a 4px base gap value. This enables complex column arrangements without worrying about pixel-splitting or unexpected behavior on non-standard device resolutions.

Start writing.

Select the paragraph from the available options and start writing.

Style your text.

Style your text the way you want. Change the font, size, and color.

Add images.

Add images to your pages with a few clicks.

Drag and drop.

Put something in the wrong place? Easy fix! Just grab, drag and drop the component to place it where you want it.

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