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Websites are not static things.

Custom domains
Search engine Optimization
Customizable layout

Blog posts are updated. Products and condos sell out. Stock prices and executive boards change.

At the heart of every content-based site we create is WordPress, which offers custom experiences that are remarkably easy to adapt. As a content management system, it’s wonderfully intuitive, enabling clients to modify their own content long after launch. Everything from photos to news articles and contact info can be updated with keystrokes and clicks rather than emails and phone calls (to us).

In addition to being straightforward, WordPress is extremely robust, extensive, and flexible. It’s equipped with enough functionality to handle the most complex projects. We have decades of collective experience with it and know how to use it to its utmost. We and our clients both reap the benefits.

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Isn’t WordPress a blog platform?
WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, but at its most basic level it is a very powerful Content Management System or CMS. It’s an open source platform meaning thousands of developers around the world are constantly working to improve and enhance it. 

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org?
WordPress.com is a hosted platform that only allows some customization, only the use of pre-made themes and the use of only some plugins. WordPress.org is self hosted and can be completely customized to suit every client’s needs.

I want a website that stands out, not a website built with a WordPress template…
Most modern websites use some kind of “template” system; these systems are the foundations of modern development and provide a consistent look and feel across a website as well as allowing for reusable bits of code that can be placed anywhere on the site. Simply, a WordPress Theme is the user facing layer of your website. WordPress themes can be simple and out of the box or completely end-to-end custom.

Can I sell my products on a WordPress site?
Yes! There are many ways to sell products on a WordPress site.

What am I giving up when using WordPress as my CMS?
You are giving up the risk of managing a custom code base. You are gaining the element of not having to worry about hiring another developer, and the expenses of maintaining the basic fundamental elements. 

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