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You used to hear people say things like “Facebook is our social media channel.” Not so much anymore.

With every day, competitors are growing in number and sophistication. You need to know what you’re doing on all social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and their ilk—and you need to know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Your brand identity should be consistent but targeted. What flies on Twitter doesn’t necessarily land on LinkedIn.

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Imagine that a long blog post about the history of beer is drawing major traffic to a brewery’s website. Many visitors are reading it from top to bottom, and even more are sharing it. How might the brewery capitalize? Say hi to social media.

Translate the post into a punchy video. Then cut that video and put it on YouTube, which offers various benefits: Targeting, optimizing, and retargeting viewers is relatively easy; tagging is straightforward; organic SEO is a snap; and it’s all directly connected to Google. 

Why stop there? Take that YouTube video, cut it into shorter pieces, and make an Instagram story. Feature a call to action: Swipe up to see the full vid. 

Click, swipe, bam—one more hit.

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