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Campaigning for common sense

Common Good ( is a nonpartisan reform coalition that offers Americans a new way to look at law and government.

Legal constraints prevent our society from advancing in countless ways—in economics, education, health care, infrastructure, etc. We needed to reach the right audience: Americans who could be compelled to spread the word and ultimately effect policy change in Washington.

We focused on Common Good’s existing social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a private email newsletter) as well as a new website. Our content strategy was to use both traditional media (i.e., narrative videos and op-ed pieces on major news websites) as well as a consistent stream of content posted to all social channels.

The website is a central hub where people can learn about Common Good’s causes, read specific examples of the issues involved, and ultimately subscribe to a newsletter and sign a petition.

ATTCK case study. Common good's campaign site seen on mobile devices
ATTCK case study. instagram feed. Common good campaign
ATTCK case study. discovery whiteboard. Common Good campaign


We spent several weeks with the client’s stakeholders, reading white papers, books, and video recordings, then pulling out the most compelling stories and facts spanning seven different categories: infrastructure and environment, schools, obsolete law, lawsuit abuse and fear, jobs and economy, dysfunctional government, and health care.

UX & visual design

All of the images and videos were designed, and all of the copywriting was produced, in-house by ATTCK. Our biggest challenge, however, was to distill a decade of long-form content into messages formatted for short-form platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

ATTCK case study. Common Good election page
ATTCK case study. Code block for Common Good's campaign,


We designed and built a highly performance-optimized, responsive website using a custom-branded WordPress theme integrated with MailChimp, Instagram, and Twitter.

Taking charge ourselves is the only way to fix the mess in Washington.

The Huffington Post
Sen. Bill Bradley

Campaign launch & PR

Our official launch (August 1, 2016) was orchestrated as a multistep announcement, beginning with a Monday morning Huffington Post article authored by Common Good’s chairman of the board, Philip K. Howard. Announcements across all social channels followed immediately, directing users to like and share social posts and ultimately to watch a YouTube video describing the problem and instructing viewers on how to help. Lastly, both ATTCK and Common Good sent newsletters announcing the official launch.

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