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If you’ve been online in the last couple of decades, you’ve seen paid ads. They’re as inescapable as billboards on highways or man buns on hipsters.

It goes without saying that online ads can do many things print ads can’t. We’re not just talking about moving objects and flashing lights. Ads online can be targeted in a way no other ads can.

If you’ve ever checked something out on an e-commerce site and then noticed it crop up in an ad elsewhere, you know what it’s like to be a target and to have your pocketbook in the crosshairs. Using countless metrics—everything from age and address to interests and income—advertisers direct their efforts where their ad dollars are most likely to pay off. 

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Targeting works, but it takes a lot to make it work. We engage in a strategic partnership with digital advertising agency Snapback Digital to produce paid ad campaigns that pay off. What does this take? Comprehensive knowledge of the playing field.

Paid ads come in many forms—display ads, banner ads, search ads… Businesses looking to save money may opt for the “pay per” route, with pay per click being the most common. The big advantage: If no one clicks, no dollars are spent. But there are many other methods—pay per view, pay per impression, pay per download, pay per install, pay per or plastic—and each format offers its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Paid ads don’t just help you target and save. They help you learn. If you aren’t monitoring your ads’ performance, you’ve missed the point. 

When companies use methods like SEO for organic marketing, they see results gradually over time. Paid ads, on the other hand, offer advanced analytics in a snap, allowing companies to track conversions in real-time. The data are invaluable, not just in guiding brand strategy but also in ensuring that future ads are targeted more effectively. Stakeholders may argue about strategy, but analytics cut through the noise, revealing what customers truly want to see. The numbers speak for themselves.

Seeing the benefits of paid ads is easy, but managing a successful campaign is anything but. We have the chops to get our clients the best results, and we’re not afraid to advertise it.

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