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Perfecting the art of the visible

In web development, there have traditionally been two types of developers: back-end and front-end. Nowadays many “full-stack” developers—we have two—tackle both sides of the equation. But the distinction’s still useful for understanding the development process.

Whereas back-end developers create the architecture upon which the site is built, front-end developers concern themselves what the user actually sees—the HTML, the CSS, the JavaScript or jQuery. 

Once upon a time, front-end development consisted of HTML and CSS alone—the only tools you need for a static site. But as with all things tech, front-end development is constantly evolving. Over the past 15 years or so, JavaScript and jQuery have become indispensable. A site without the interactions they afford can seem quaint or, worse, flat-out dull. 

In addition to their work in code or WordPress, front-end developers keep everything up front tidy, neat, and bug-free, ensuring that everything displays correctly on a variety of different platforms, browsers, and devices. Together with user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers, they ensure that the user’s experience is, in short, seamless.

Our developers stay on top of the latest tools and techniques to keep users engaged. We believe in great design from front to back.

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