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Payment Rails

Orum tasked us with designing a sleek new website in preparation for their public launch. They provided a robust brand style guide from which we were able to envision a seamless digital experience.

We initially focused our time on understanding their business model in order to determine the most optimal way to communicate their offering. Providing a faster and safer payment rail clearance process via a complex system of high-speed risk analysis software isn’t a simple concept to understand so we knew we needed to do our due diligence.

Plan of ATTCK

Simplified motion graphics was ultimately determined to provide the fastest path to conveying their value to potential partners. We designed a suite of animated iconography, and a library of interactive infographic components to support each step through the critical paths.


Type, photos, illustration, layout. These are the tools in a graphic designer’s aesthetic arsenal, helping them craft creative compositions.

Graphic design solves a problem, whether it’s communicating a brand’s identity or simply capturing the viewer’s attention.


Custom graphic design, iconography, and animation represent the attention to detail that elevates our client’s digital experience to a more sophisticated level.

It’s crucial to carefully consider the nature of the animation in the context of the greater project. In animation, as in all design, context is everything.


Due to the complexity of the behind the scenes technology, infographics and motion design were crucial for communicating these complex topics.

Responsive Design

Using WordPress, our clients can update and modify their sites long after launch—no HTML or CSS expertise required. And thanks to our custom layout system, FLEX, the process is easier than ever. Using a row-and-column paradigm and drag-and-drop functionality, the system makes the process of inputting content confusion-free, preventing costly errors.


Orum has since raised over $80M to “power a better financial system where everyone has the freedom to build to their potential.”

Dennis Plucinik
Masahiro Naruse
Dennis Plucinik