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UX, Graphic Design & WordPress


DoubleBarrel is a structurally unique, high-performance vaporizing pen—or shall we say pens. As the company says, it’s “inspired by the sophisticated-yet-overlooked connoisseur.” It’s a game-changer in the vape category, delivering airflow through two custom-tuned barrels. Yeah, it packs some serious power. Essentially, it’s a device you’ll want to hold onto.

DoubleBarrel needed a clean, photography-driven, badass website. So they came to us to design the brand’s digital look and feel—its web aesthetic. In order to help them build a bold brand with an author-friendly website to seamlessly populate content, we broke out all the tools and features to allow them to elevate a product into an experience.


First, we had to age-gate the site—given the nature of the product. Done. Then we implemented our custom page building and editorial CMS using WordPress. This allows the client to schedule events, add vendors, and populate full editorial content onto their blog. In addition, we integrated a newsletter and an Instagram feed for the client to load and reload as they like.


We’re proud to have our work recognized by the following awards:

CSS Winner Site of the Day Award CSDA - Special Kudos CSDA - UI Design Awarded CSDA - UX Design Awarded CSDA - Innovation Awarded


DoubleBarrel shared their creative stash with us, including the logo, mood board, a catalog of beautiful product photos, packaging and retail display concepts, and copy direction from which to devise a complete digital brand design package. We’re very proud of the edgy, bold, high-fashion expression that resulted.

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When launching brands one hopes to collaborate with outstanding creative and strategic thinkers. We found that and more with ATTCK. Each project is handled with care, speed, and precision. If you are looking to create something memorable and authentic, ATTCK delivers.

Double Barrel

This project encompasses everything that empassions our team: high-end technology, sharp, bold design, and well, …weed, obviously. We are absolutely in love with this brand and product and are looking forward to seeing more expertly designed, meticulously crafted machinery in the future.


It’s not often our culture lends itself to a perfectly timed product launch. But, on this April 20th, a.k.a. 4-20, a.k.a. National Smoke Out Day, the Blue Dream Banquet, the Carnival of Cannabis, the Day of Dank, the Edible Sabbatical, the Fire OG of Festivities, the Ganja Extravaganza, the… sorry, I forgot what were we talking about?

ah, right… Join us today and grab your buddy Bubba Kush, break out your Girl Scout Cookies, put some Sour Diesel in your tank and check out



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