Ongoing Maintenance

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The only constant is change

Technology doesn’t sit still. Many of today’s technologies are frequently updated—browsers, platforms, APIs—which may cause conflicts. Meanwhile, people constantly seek to exploit vulnerabilities in everything from operating systems to content management systems. All of this means that tools, systems, languages, and plugins must be updated over time—and special care must be taken to ensure that you haven’t “broken” anything in the process. Our maintenance agreements ensure that nothing comes between your content and your consumer.

There’s another type of maintenance, though—more enhancements than updates. Market conditions change, as do companies’ needs and goals. If you’ve landed an appearance on Shark Tank, you and your tech had better prepare for a surge. If you need new components or new integrations or other new things that exceed your abilities, we’re ready to step in. We consider this vital to maintain an ongoing relationship of trust with our clients.