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Workshopping with clients is essential for understanding the reasons they’re embarking on a project—and to determining the elements crucial to their projects’ success.

First we gather as many stakeholders as appropriate, then we hold an organized brainstorming session and thoroughly document proposals for consensus. Some of our competitors might jump on board with all of their clients’ requests, but we don’t always offer a simple “yes.” We’re there to understand and clarify goals, leveraging our own experience to make the best, most informed recommendations possible. We present options and solutions that our clients may not have known existed. The kind that optimize users’ experience while saving everyone needless hand-wringing.

As part of this process, we clearly define the mission of the project—the objectives, the user personas, the market… Thorough documentation and testing at this stage in the work flow ensure that all is duly thought out, avoiding reduplication of tasks down the line. Time and money: saved.

person holding a microphone presenting in front of a projector screen
Workshop with ATTCK.