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We’re constantly being told to update this device or that software. It’s irritating. We’ve all clicked Remind Me Tomorrow for days on end. (Incidentally, does anyone actually click Try in an Hour?) 

Irritating, yes, but updates are your friend. Ignoring them too long invites performance issues, bugs, and security risks. So it is with websites.
Plugin and security updates are offered to add features, boost performance, kill bugs, and prevent threats. For us, updates are a matter of business. WordPress is our platform of choice for many reasons. One big plus: its abundance of plugins, which we use to enhance our sites. They come in handy, but plugins are also a common entryway for hackers.

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WordPress is constantly releasing updates to combat security threats. Keeping up to date with these updates is a necessary–and ongoing—task. New plugin vulnerabilities are always being found, and they often go public. If you don’t update, you’ve made yourself the low-hanging fruit for any hacker seeking an easy mark. It’s much harder to find new ways into websites than it is to find some schmo who didn’t click Update.

Updates to software and websites are also necessary to head off security threats—not just hackers but also DDoS attacks, malware, and more. While you’re at it, don’t forget to update your passwords too. There’s nothing more important than the security of your information and the information of your users.

Update often, and update wisely. And always remember: back up first.

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