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The image is everything

Photos are so ubiquitous on the net today that it’s easy to forget that selfie wasn’t always a word. Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest… It often feels like visuals have taken over.

Talk is everywhere, and photos cut through the noise. Words take time, and copy-heavy pages intimidate, whereas photos attract the eye and engage it in an instant.

Of course, not all images are created equal, and when it comes to using photography, context is everything. In most cases, photos shouldn’t be busy. They should distill something you want to convey into a focused, punchy shot. They should speak for themselves.

We believe in using images artfully. We use the structure, placement, and arrangement of photographs to tell a story, and we understand how to focus the viewer’s gaze. We don’t just think about whether images reflect a client’s brand guidelines—though that, of course, is essential. We think about how images interact with each other and with all the elements of a site, from the icons and menu bars to the text and the transitions.

In short, we believe every good picture deserves an artful frame.

ATTCK-Case study-Bespoke Surgical hero image
Lumma cups
Man standing in front of a black background and a professional photographer's lamp

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