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Find software that’s never needed debugging, and we’ll find you a one-horned goat to fly on. 

Simply put, bugs—anything from functional or configuration issues to system errors—make software behave in a way it wasn’t meant to. Think of the endlessly spinning pinwheel or the dreaded 404 error screen.

Bugs are a pain in the ass, but they can have major security repercussions too. And they take no small amount of time to fix.

Screenshot of source code for Bug fixes page on attck.com

It can take just one line of code to cause—or fix—a bug. The hard part’s finding it. Even with the help of a debugging program, there’s art involved in the process. Errors in one part of a program may cause errors in separate, often unexpected parts. On top of all of this, bug fixes introduce their own uncertainty and can give rise to new bugs of their own. 

Squashing bugs takes dedication, time, and lots of skill. We aren’t afraid to ATTCK.

Stay flawless.

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