Analytics Reporting

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Decision-making driven by data

We work on diverse projects with all kinds of clients from a wide range of industries. One thing remains constant: They want metrics. They want to know how many users are visiting their sites, where they’re coming from, which pages are most popular, whether their marketing is paying off, and more. And for good reason. 

Analytics reporting can yield beautiful results. Using methods like server log analysis and on-page event tagging, we collect, measure, and synthesize usage data, allowing us to understand and rethink the things that aren’t working on a site, not to mention optimizing the things that are. We can’t make targeted improvements to a marketing campaign until we understand how it’s already affected usage and traffic patterns.

Google analytic overview report

Analytics reporting isn’t something we do so we can dictate orders. It’s one of many tools that we offer our clients so they can take the reins and make informed choices for themselves. Increased revenues make for happy clients, and happy clients make for long-term partnerships. 

There’s data to back that up.

Back it up with data.