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We helped Simplifeye go from zero to Demo Day in five weeks. Their application spans four platforms—Web, iOS, Dentrix, watchOS—and integrates the Apple Watch with iBeacon technology to create a breakthrough experience for the medical industry.

The Simplifeye Apple Watch app is a tool that enhances dental office organization and efficiency. The most exciting feature is that the dentist can command patient-specific images and videos via Apple Watch dictation, to be streamed onto the nearest IntelliStick-connected monitor using iBeacon proximity sensors. Other features include automatic patient schedule optimization, reduced wait times, and increased safety due to patient-specific alert messages and haptic feedback.

This project required building a new API that integrated with a dentist’s existing Dentrix installation and allowed interaction and reporting via the Apple Watch. The overall software architecture allows private data to be streamed over a secure local network connection and works across a myriad of Dentrix configurations.

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Simplifeye gets $3 million to make wearables part of your doctor’s workflow.



Understanding how all the technology needed to work together required us to assemble a team of highly experienced architects. The end result was an innovative design utilizing several completely different technologies to ensure patient data security, interoperability among varying Dentrix installations, and hands-free and voice-command functionality paired with proximity sensors (via iBeacons).


We built a beautiful prototype within a five-week deadline to present a live demo on stage at AngelPad Demo Day in San Francisco. The app enables single and secure sign-on to the local Dentrix environment, as well as hands-free dictation control via Apple Watch. A custom-built, responsive WordPress site and marketing materials were also prepared for the client, along with a custom motion graphic to use on phone, tablet, and desktop. The final experience for the doctor is seamless, informative, cost-effective, and truly represents the future of medical technology.

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