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Seasonal fare at Sunset and Gower

“Paley is a grand new restaurant in the new Columbia Square complex, adapted from what was built as the original headquarters of CBS Radio in 1938. The restaurant is fairly majestic in scale—high ceilings, lots of glass—with the finishes and elegant curves borrowed from the Hollywood Moderne style, but modernist glass light fixtures and a vibe that is more 1963. Face east, and you could be in a white telephone movie. Face west, and you may as well be in the Theme Building at LAX.” — Source: Jonathan Gold,

We helped bring a sophisticated look and feel to this new restaurant’s website, as well as a fully authorable multi-language content editor. Our WordPress-based layout platform also enables periodic menu and reservation offers to greet new users via a delayed modal window.

English / 日本語 / 中文

We implemented a low-cost multi-language solution that allows for complete control over all textual elements of the site. The site is currently translated into Japanese and Chinese, and hosted on language specific subdomains (i.e., http://jp.paleyhollywood.com

This allows for each language to be indexed by search engines without penalty. It also allows for more intelligent detection of user origin, and language preference through which the most relevant site is presented to users entering the primary domain.

OpenTable integration

We built a branded date, time, and seat number form that sends users directly to OpenTable.

Paley is perfect for those occasions when you find yourself having a meal without really having a meal.

Jonathan Gold
Los Angeles Times

Launch is a prime example of a bespoke, full-featured, self-sustaining site that we pride ourselves on creating. Since launch, the site has handily maintained consistent uptime and easily allowed seamless administration transitions.

Miranda Cavanagh
Michelle Abrams