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Calvin Klein’s wildly successful “I _________ in #mycalvins” campaign has resulted in original user-generated social content from hundreds of thousands of users. The company’s fall 2016 global advertising campaign included a short editorial on each of the campaign’s starring models.

We created a customizable, responsive editorial layout system that integrated Spotify playlists and the Olapic Earned Content Platform.

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600,000+ views

Our client launched with a beautiful video montage of celebrities, each marked with their own #mycalvins quote. It was widely received and heavily shared.

“Shot by photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon, the Fall 2016 Calvin Klein global advertising campaign spotlights an evolved cast of talent that encompasses actors, musicians, cultural icons, athletes, fashion idols, social media heavyweights, artists, and professional and street cast models—often paired together to create a dynamic and artful mix of visuals.”


We built a custom layout framework alongside Bootstrap’s responsive CSS grid system to handle our unique design requirements. We worked directly with Spotify and Olapic to learn their APIs and integrate everything in a very short time frame. We also closely integrated with Calvin Klein’s internal development teams, delivering code and communicating daily to meet all internal platform requirements.

Calvin Klein subway ads
Calvin Klein subway ad

Launch and PR

We were able to time our launch to coincide with a major marketing push, which you can see on poster ads throughout Union Square in NYC. The YouTube video shot by photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon currently has over 100,000 views since it was published on July 5.

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