Agave spiked seltzer. 100% premium blue agave from Mexico.

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The power of influence

By the time Travis Scott posted a link to on his Instagram, the national hype for this new agave seltzer drink was palpable. We didn’t know the entire online supply would sell out in hours, but our site was ready to take on the surge.

Plan of ATTCK

With such a high-visibility brand at stake, we took every step to ensure a flawless launch. We worked with Cactus Jack’s marketing and development team to implement an ultra-fast development solution using Surge, and deployed static files to AWS S3 buckets. This allowed near-instant deployment (~10 seconds) and eliminated bandwidth risk exposure from web servers and databases entirely.

The result was a screaming fast website that, in the face of Travis’ 49M Instagram followers — didn’t skip a beat.

Store Locator

We designed and built a custom store locator utilizing geolocation as well as an open-text search input that displayed custom messages for searches outside of the distribution area.

We were able to easily update location pins nation-wide by reading from Anheuser-Busch’s internal inventory system API.

Cacti product page
Cacti state selector
ReserveBar logo


Due to restrictions around shipping alcohol to certain states, we implemented a state-gate where users could only select from a list of approved states.

Once the user clicks “continue to checkout” we sent them to a ReserveBar URL encoded with the order information. ReserveBar then handled all payment collection and customer data via a customized Shopify checkout flow.


Travis Scott’s New CACTI Spiked Seltzer Sold Out in Multiple Locations in Under 24 Hours


By all metrics this project was an incredible success. With only weeks to build and deploy the site, we hit all milestones on time resulting in a newsworthy launch and a successful new direct-to-influencer product delivery methodology for Anheuser-Busch.

Dennis Plucinik