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Banking on accessibility

We were fortunate to be asked by Huge to build a highly accessible landing page for an incredibly high-visibility domain.

As with much of the website development work that Huge is known for, this site included stringent accessibility specifications. All users needed to be able to access content and navigate the entirety of the site, including all popups, sub-navigation elements, and interactive elements, such as video player and carousel controls.

Section 508 compliance

Our experience managing strict accessibility requirements, coupled with our previous work with Huge on websites such as 2012’s Target Wedding Catalogs, made us the ideal candidates for this job.

Many aren’t even aware of Section 508 and WCAG accessibility compliance, which ensures accessibility for those who are vision-impaired and those who use web accessibility tools for other reasons. A myriad of tools, from screen readers to software programs like Jaws, enable users to navigate content through advanced keyboard control (i.e., with no mouse).

ATTCK case study. Blue Bird home page on desktop
ATTCK case study. Blue bird on desktop
ATTCK case study. blue bird on mobile devices

Multi-device support

Accessibility support requires rigorous testing across numerous devices and use cases. All told, we tested four different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer) on four operating systems (OS X, iOS, Windows, and Android) and on five different mobile devices, including a device dedicated to Jaws testing.

unmomentum-code-sample. ATTCK case study for Blue Bird
Quality Assurance for Blue Bird. ATTCK case study

Quality assurance

In order to track issues that might be device-specific—as opposed to those that might impact a specific browser, or even the site as a whole—we utilized a matrix that allowed our team to simultaneously test and report on test coverage in real time.

This streamlined quality assurance (QA) process allowed us to quickly identify and resolve high-priority defects, while also maintaining a time-and-date-stamped record of the process.


The outcome is a flawlessly executed, ultra-fast, accessibility-standard-compliant experience. The project was completed on time and on budget, thanks to a thoughtful and expertly executed development and QA plan. It is exactly this type of smooth and, yes, uneventful experience that we strive for with every project.

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