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A culture of excellence

Our combined decades of experience have earned us expertise in a wide range of fields. Whether you’re working for a small nonprofit or a global fashion label, you count on us to execute work that makes your brand stand out. Browse through our work to find familiar names like American Express, Calvin Klein, and the United Nations, plus unique projects in every sector that makes the web go around.

Real Estate

It’s an honor to have our name on NYC’s most transformative development projects, including Greenpoint Landing, Essex Crossing, and TSX Broadway in Times Square. We provide our discerning clients with a competitive edge and the right marketing and analytics tools for growth.


Let’s be blunt: We know cannabis. ATTCK is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate risk—from dispensaries to corporate ventures.

Health & Wellness

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A great website makes the user stay. We know how to guide you through the highly regulated field of health and wellness, creating websites with a clean bill of health.


In addition to writing complex software, we embrace emerging technologies like machine learning and blockchain.

Brand & Lifestyle

From high-fashion to low-key, we immerse ourselves in a brand before showcasing what makes it unique.


ATTCK pays it forward, using our creative forces to support nonprofit organizations, charities, and social causes.


Shopify is our e-commerce sweet spot, but we also work with AEM, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and custom Stripe and PayPal integrations.


For businesses nowadays—corporations and startups alike—not having a website isn’t an option. Word of mouth alone won’t make a brand take off.


Tools of the trade

We use the best tools for the job, starting with WordPress, a robust platform that’s equipped with enough functionality for the most complex projects. Shopify, our e-commerce platform of choice, provides all the necessary features and support levels to make running online shops a breeze. React and React Native are the most advanced application frameworks, enabling fast and cohesive multi-device support.


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